Sunday Mornings
Beginning at 9:00am
Classes for all ages!
The purpose for Sunday School is for people to become Grounded in Christ through the study of God’s Word together.
Sunday School is a great first step out of the Sunday morning worship service and into deeper fellowship within the Body. It allows you to move out of rows and into circles for greater interaction with each other in going deeper into the study and understanding of God’s Word. The goal of our Sunday School teachers is to not only teach the Word, but to model the appropriate way to work toward interpreting and applying the Scriptures.
In October 2021 we began a 3-year journey through the Big Story of the Bible using a curriculum called The Gospel Project. Although there are certainly some variations, everyone at Westwood, from preschool through our adult classes, are taking this journey together! You can find out more about The Gospel Project by clicking on the graphic below.

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