Room #132
Ben Yocum
(919) 236-3058
Angela Barbar
(336) 599-1982
Believing that the only “Higher Power” who can cleanse, heal, and rebuild broken lives is Jesus Christ, Celebrate Recovery of Westwood Baptist Church seeks to minister to individuals and families hurting from all forms of addictions through the transforming power of the gospel, Biblical counseling, and loving accountability.
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program with foundations firmly established in Biblical truth. Our one and only Higher Power is Jesus Chris. To have a relationship with Him, we must ask forgiveness for our sins, and turn our lives and our wills over to Him. This is a good foundation for recovery. 
The 12 Steps with accompanying Scriptures, and the 8 Principles based on the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount offer a clear path of salvation and discipleship; bringing hope, freedom, sobriety, healing, and the opportunity to give back one day at a time through our one and only true Higher Power, Jesus Christ. The 12 Steps and the 8 Principles work seamlessly together, tying historical recovery to timeless Biblical teaching.

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