Parent Follow up (10/4/20)

Tonight we continued our series called “Awake & Aware” by seeing how the light of the gospel sheds light on our true identity in Christ. We walked through the first 12 verses of 1 Peter 2, focusing mostly on v. 9-10. We walked through the meaning of the various terms and phrases that Peter uses in these verses concerning that identity (chosen race, royal priesthood, holy nation, people for his own possession, God’s people, and those who have received mercy). Ask your students to walk you through these descriptions and talk about what they learned!

Also, use the following questions as discussion-starters this next week in your home. As always, I love you and your families, and are praying for you this week.

Questions for Reflection:

*When you take an honest evaluation of your life, what would you say are the major factors shaping your identity?

*As you look at these descriptions used by Peter in these verses, which one sticks out most in your mind? Why?

*Why does it seem to feel more comfortable sometimes to simply ignore the spiritual reality and simply blend in? Why, though, is it dangerous to do that?

*How do these designations all together offer a contrast to how the world shapes us when it comes to our posture toward others?

*As you hear these descriptions, can you say that your desire for your own life is the same desire that God has for your life? How do you need to pray this week in asking God to align your heart with his will?