Parent Follow Up (10/18/20)

Kelli Recicar led our time of prayer tonight. We focused on praying for Rachel, but she did an excellent job of helping the students understand what it looks like to prayer Kingdom prayers. She borrowed from a definition offered by Chris Schofield that reminds us that when praying Kingdom prayers, we are praying that God would be glorified as we pray in accordance with his will and purposes. I want to encourage you to follow up with your students this week about this. Ask them to define what it looks like to pray Kingdom prayers. How do we often pray? Is that in accordance with the Kingdom?
Tonight in our message and in our small groups we focused we continued our series entitled “Awake and Aware” through portions of 1 Peter. Building our our look at our new identity from 2 weeks ago, tonight we went on in 2:9b-12 to see what Peter exhorts us to do out of that new identity: “…that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” Ask your students to recap for you what we learned as we explored the text together. Here are some questions for reflection that you can use this week for further conversations as well. As always, I love you and am praying for your families this week!

*In your own evaluation, what would prevent you or hinder you from being an effective spokesperson for the Kingdom?

*What is your life most communicating to those around you about what is truly important and to be treasured?

*Have you truly experienced this element of testimony by Peter, can you give testimony of what it is to be transferred from the domain of darkness to the Kingdom of Jesus?

*What in your life proclaims to those with whom you spend the most time the excellency of Jesus? What would those who watch your life most closely know about Jesus from watching your life?

*How are you currently seek to battle against sin? How is that battle going?