We desire to provide a pathway of discipleship for families and Westwood to walk in partnership.
Westwood affirms the truth that God has called parents to be the primary faith influencers of their children. God has called the faith family of the church to come alongside parents to encourage, challenge, and equip them to pursue this calling. You can read more about the way Westwood has shaped its ministry to children on the Westwood Kids page. When it comes to family discipleship, though, Westwood seeks to come alongside parents in 3 specific ways:
1. Westwood Kids Ministry: Westwood encourages families by offering gospel-centered programs focused on God’s Word. You can read more about these programs & events on the Westwood Kids page.
2. Equipping Parents: Westwood equips parents to disciple their children at home. We do this by helping parents understand how to have consistent faith talks and interactions during the week. We also offer special events, such as our Discipleship Summit, to provide teaching on relevant topics and opportunities for discussion and encouragement.
3. Partnering with Parents: Westwood seeks to partner with families by providing a pathway of discipleship that includes a couple important aspects. First, children and students are broken into age groups that place emphases on special issues specific to those groups. Second, Westwood offers a curriculum compiled of resources that speak to those issues. Families are encouraged to follow that curriculum, utilize the resources, and engage their families with the truths found within them. This curriculum offers one resource each fall and one each spring that families can use in their homes, but also discuss with other families in the same group. You can find that list of resources for pre-k through grade 5 HERE and grade 6 through grade 12 HERE.

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