2020 Bible Reading Plan

I would love to read through the Scriptures with some of our students and parents during the upcoming year! The guys at the Bible Project have put together a year-long read through the whole Bible, and have even incorporated their videos throughout the plan! That is the plan I will use, and I’d love it if you would consider following along with me. The plan is to begin on January 1st, so this will be a quick commitment! If you plan to read along, just let me know! Perhaps we will find some opportunities along the way to pause and discuss what we are reading together.
To follow this plan, you can use a few different tools.
First, if you use the YouVersion Bible app, you can simply search for the plan by The Bible Project. They have included each day’s passages, along with any videos included with that day’s reading.
Second, I would urge you to download the ReadScripture app! In my opinion, it is the best app that corresponds with this particular reading plan. It has everything you need in a single app. Very cool. Check it out at https://www.readscripture.org!
Third, you can follow along using the PDF produced by The Bible Project. You can find that on their website here: https://d1bsmz3sdihplr.cloudfront.net/media/Quarterlies_Other%20Downloads/RS_Reading%20Plan_1YR.pdf
This is great if you prefer to stay away from your phone when reading. You can simply follow the guide, then go to the Bible Project’s website to watch that day’s videos, if there are any for that particular day.
So, there you go! Everything you need to participate! But if you do plan to read along, make sure you let me know! I think it would be awesome to read through the Bible with some of you! So, let’s do it!

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  1. Rick and Karen says:

    Thanks for doing this Jason. Rick and I are in. Have a Happy New Year. See you in 2020!

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