Take Advantage of Westwood’s Mobile Apps!

Westwood has two free apps available! Find out more about each app below, as well as instructions on how to get each one on your mobile devices.

1. The Sharefaith App

Why is this app useful?
The Sharefaith App is for anyone to use, and is free to download! This app contains general information about Westwood, including important links back to our website. But this app is also an important tool for ministry! It includes archived sermon audio and our weekly discipleship guide that is designed to help individuals internalize each week’s message. We use this guide as a part of our discussion each week as our Life Groups meet together. This app automatically updates as new content is made available. In addition to these important tools, this app also includes an ability to give online and a useful Bible application.
How can I find this app?
There are different ways to find this app, depending on the type of device you are using.
If you are using an APPLE device, search for Sharefaith App on the App Store. After downloading the app and opening it the first time on your device, you will be prompted to enter the name of our ministry: Westwood Roxboro. When asked which icon you prefer, you may select our unique ministry icon that contains our “grounded, growing, going” purpose statement.
If you are using an ANDROID device, you can find the download for the app by simply search for Westwood Roxboro.

2. The Realm App

Why is this app useful?
This app is available for members of Westwood. Members will find this app useful in three important ways: it contains a directory of members and their contact information, it offers the ability to give via the app, and it offers reminders concerning upcoming events and important announcements.
How can I find this app?
To download this app you must contact Yvonne in the church office. She will send you a unique login code, along with instructions on how to download the app to your device.