Week of September 27, 2020

Use this daily guide to help you internalize this week’s passage & message!
Sunday [KNOW]:
In a journal, reflect on today’s sermon by finishing any or all of the following:
I never knew…
I was reminded…
A question I still have…
I was challenged…
I was convicted…
A truth I could share is…
Monday [KNOW>BE]
Spend some time today doing the following:
  1. Select a portion of this week’s sermon passage to memorize this week.
  2. Write your selected portion and read it to yourself throughout the day today.
Tuesday [Be]:
In a journal, spend some time meditating and writing about the following:
  1. Read the sermon passage again.
  2. Write a prayer of response, guided by the sermon passage. (May include adoration, confession/repentance, thanksgiving, petition, etc.).
  3. Write your selected portion of the Scripture several times to aid in memorization.

Wednesday [BE>DO]:

Think about this week’s questions for group discussion.

  1. What effects do the realities presented in v. 89-91 have on the issues or situations that make you most anxious or unsettled right now? If you were to make a list of statements (in your own words) from these verses to reference, what would that list include?
  2. Based on our study in Psalm 119 up to this point, how would you describe what it looks like to “delight” in God’s Word? In what ways does this description challenge your own posture toward God’s Word?
  3. What actions, reactions, thoughts, and/or emotions are you exhibiting that might expose a lack of belief in the sufficiency of God’s Word? What should your response to this honest evaluation be?

Thursday [DO]:

In a journal, spend some time considering the following:
  1. What insights have you had while internalizing this week’s passage?
  2. How specifically will you seek to apply its truths in your home/workplace/life in general?