Parent Follow Up (09/27/20)

Tonight we continued our series entitled “Awake & Aware” through selections from 1 Peter. Building on last week when we saw how Jesus, in his mercy, has awakened us to new life in Him, tonight we focused on God’s big plan for all who he redeems: to bring us back to himself (1 Peter 3:18). We walked through 1:15-19 and saw two big truths:
(1) God’s objective for us is to make us holy.
(2) Sin is the greatest threat to this objective.
Ask your student(s) to share some of what they learned, but you can also use the following questions to have some follow-up discussion this week:
* Are the primary objectives you have for your own life in line with God’s primary objective for your life?
* How does this look at this passage help you understand sin and its effects?
* Is there sin in your life that is keeping you from growing in knowing God?
* How are you remaining awake and aware of God’s purposes and objective for your life?
* How are you remaining awake and aware of the threat of sin in you growing towards God’s intentions for you?